Gdańsk - secrets of the Old Town

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Gdańsk - Old Town

Do you know the name of the most picturesque and oldest part of Gdańsk? Why does Śródmieście have more than one Town Hall? Where did the most famous astronomer from Gdańsk live? Which church is the oldest? Take a tour with our licenced guide and explore the beauty of the Stare Miasto (Old Town).

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Many of the most important tourist attractions are located around the Główne Miasto (Main Town), but the Stare Miasto (Old Town) also has many architectural gems. Apart from few exceptions, the Old Town and its architecture were not recreated after WWII. Before you explore the best preserved places with us, immerse in the amazing architecture and its historical spirit. You will explore not only historic monuments but also everyday life of the contemporary citizens of Gdańsk. The walk will take you to places tied to the beginning of the history of the city, with minute architectural details and unique spots along the route. The conclusion of your tour will be the St. Bridget’s Church, which hides the amber altar and the skull crypt.

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